Lecture Contemporary strategy analysis: Concepts, techniques, applications (5th edition): Chapter 14 – Robert M. Grant

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Chapter 14 – Global strategies and the multinational corporation. This chapter presents the following content: Implications of international competition for industry analysis, analyzing competitive advantage within an international context, applying the framework, multinational strategies: globalization versus national differentiation, strategy and organization of the multinational corporation. | Global Global Strategies Strategies and and the the Multinational Multinational Corporation Corporation OUTLINE Implications of International Competition for Industry Analysis Analyzing Competitive Advantage within an International Context Applying the Framework 1 International location of production 2 Foreign market entry strategies Multinational Strategies Globalization versus National Differentiation Strategy and Organization of the Multinational Corporation The The Internationalization Internationalization Process Process HIGH International Global Industries Industries –aerospace –automobiles –military hardware –oil International Trade –diamond mining –semiconductors –agriculture –consumer electronics Domestic Multinational Industries Multidomestic –railroads Industries –laundries dry cleaning –investment banking –hairdressing –hotels LO W –milk –consulting LOW Foreign Direct Investment HIGH The The Automobile Automobile Goes Goes Global Global The The GM GM Pontiac Pontiac Le Le Mans Mans Design Germany by Opel Brakes France U.S. Sheetsteel Japan S. Korea Stamping of body parts S. Korea Tires S. Korea Engines 1.6 liter S. Korea Windshield S. Korea 2.0 liter Australia Battery S. Korea Fuel injection U.S. Wiring harness S. Korea Fuel pump U.S. Radio Singapore Transmission Canada amp U.S. Assembly S. Korea Rear axle U.S. Marketing amp Steering U.S. distribution N. America Implications Implications ofof Internationalization Internationalization for for Industry Industry Analysis Analysis INDUSTRY STRUCTURE Lower entry barriers around national markets Increased industry rivalry — lower seller concentration — greater diversity of competitors Increased buyer power wider choice for dealers amp consumers COMPETITION Increased intensity of competition PROFITABILITY Other things remaining equal internationalization tends to reduce an industry s margins amp rate of return on capital Competitive CompetitiveAdvantage Advantagewithin within an an .

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