Bestray Wire Mesh Cable Tray - Splices USK

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BESTRAY | Conquering International Market | Quality Confidence For more details and info please visit Hotline: + 84 909089678. WhatsApp/ Zalo: +84 932568368 We are proud to have researched, developed and innovated to make the Wire Mesh Cable Tray system more perfect and convenient, creating a synchronous solution that has never been done by any manufacturer before. We are committed to providing high quality products and timely delivery to customers. Product USK (Universal Splice Kit) manufactured by Bestray Joint Stock Company, #WireMeshCableTray Bestray is used to flexibly connect 2 mesh troughs together, used for light load. We produce all kinds of: #BasketCableTray #CableTraySystem #CableTray #CableLadder #CableTrunking High Quality, with technical consultant for each customer. We are committed to providing customers with #WireMeshCableTray products with the highest quality, the most reasonable price, ensuring prestige, contributing to the creation of sustainable value projects. Applicable standards: NEMA VE1-2017, IEC 61537-2006, TCVN 10688-2015, ISO 9001: 2015.

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